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This collection of stories, anecdotes, and reflections describes the mindset of Perpetual Exercisers: people who exercise pretty much every day with a sense of effortlessness and ease, requiring no willpower, self-discipline, or accountability.

Begin to change how you think about, relate to, and experience exercise such that obstacles fall away.

End the fight to get fit!

"Perpetual Exercisers are not more athletic, do not have more time on their hands, or are no more highly motivated or self-disciplined than those who struggle to get started and to stick with a fitness plan. They have simply had a mindset shift—a shift of perspective."

Delmar Davis

Delmar is a personal fitness trainer, life coach, clinical massage therapist, and founder of Easing In Fitness. He specializes in helping people remove the obstacles to doing the good things they know they should be doing for their good health and happiness.

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